City Chic Collective Limited UK Cookies Policy

City Chic Collective UK Limited is part of a global multichannel fashion retailer and processes certain cookie data relevant to the brands and apparel sold via the Evans website including Evans clothing ("Evans"). We use cookies on our website and app. You can read about the different types of cookies that we use, what they are used for, and how you can manage your cookies below.

This cookie policy applies to City Chic Collective UK (company number 13084123) whose registered address is at Suite 1, 3rd Floor, 11 – 12 St James's Square, London, United Kingdom, SW1Y 4LB ("City Chic Collective UK") ('we''our' or 'us') and the cookies used on the Evans website and app, including all country-specific websites and any other website or app operated by us in connection with Evans. 

We care about your privacy and have enabled a cookie preferences tool on our website to allow you better control of your cookies. At the moment, it is not possible for you to turn off some non-essential cookies, but we are working hard on this to enable that capability as soon as we can. Check back here soon for updates on this.

By clicking the 'I Accept' button on our website cookie banner or selecting your preferences on the 'cookie preferences' tool, you are agreeing to our use of cookies in line with your current cookie preferences and in accordance with this Cookie Policy. 

You can change your mind at any time and amend your cookie preferences or change your browser settings to manage your cookies. If you disable cookies that we use, some parts of our website may not work properly and some functionalities will be unavailable, depending on the type of cookie you have disabled.


1. What is a cookie?

2. Use of cookies on this website

3. Our cookies

4. How to manage cookies

5. Other details you should know


1.     What is a cookie? 


Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that are uploaded to your computer, mobile or other handheld device when you access certain websites. or click on or open our marketing messages. They allow us to recognise your device and help you move around and use our website in the optimum way. Cookies do not harm your computer.  If you would like to learn more about cookies in general, you can visit

We also use other types of tracking technologies, such as flash cookies, tags, server logs, web beacons or pixel gifs in connection with our website and services. These technologies are similar to cookies in that they are stored on your device and can be used to maintain information about your preferences and activities. We will refer to them collectively throughout this policy as "cookies".


2.     Use of cookies on this website 


What can they do? Cookies help us provide you with an enhanced experience when you visit our website and app or when you open a marketing message or click on a link. They also allow you to make full use of the online shopping and personalised features.  They also help us to understand and sort out technical errors which sometimes happen online. We need cookies to make our websites, apps and your device able to work well together. Some cookies are our own (or we are licensing from Arcadia Group temporarily during the initial phase of our ownership of Evans online business)  but we also work with carefully selected third parties to help us and who set their cookies from our website pages and to help us run our websites (these are called third party cookies).  You will not be able to buy from us online and your browsing experience may not be as enjoyable if you block your device from receiving cookie 

What information do they collect and how will it be used?

They will not collect your name, address and payment card details but send back technical facts.   Normally until you buy from us, you are an unnamed user of our website but we want to make you a customer. We work with online advertising partners to do this. They set a cookie from our webpages and this allows them to spot when you use the same device on other websites they publish ads on. They can then make sure you see an ad from us  (retargeting). 

In some cases, the ads you see from us online will be more tailored to you (tailored or behavioural ads). This uses known and observed information about you to try and categorise you and predict what you will want to buy and which offers you will most like  (profiling).  This will be from our knowledge of you as a customer with us and from your use of our websites but we do not share that detailed information with those advertising partners. In other cases, it will be based on what advertising partners /social media providers know about you from their cookies and use of their websites but we do not receive the detailed information from these websites. 

Sometimes we link information stored in and obtained from cookies with personal information that we store about you. In such cases the combined data is your personal information and for detail on how we use and take care of your personal information please read our Privacy Policy which further sets out how we process your information, including cookies. 


3. Our cookies 


We use different types of cookies on this website for the following purposes:

Strictly essential cookies

For technical purposes essential for the operation of this website and your use of it, such as keeping track of your current shopping basket and enabling you to checkout and pay for products.

Cookie Name 











akavpau_VP_EV ,




Functional & performance cookies

To allow our website to operate at its best and remember choices you make when you have an account with us (such as your user name, language or the region you are in). They also collect statistical information about how visitors use this website, calculate views, and analyse popular products by quantifying clicks. This is so we can measure and improve the way our website works. 

In Detail

Cookie Name 








These cookies map your visit to the website. We get an overall picture of how our visitors shop in our website. This information allows us to provide the best possible shopping experience.




Dressepi cookie used to identify whether you have signed up to Dressipi service




Clearpay cookie used to enable customer to use Clearpay at checkout as a payment method 



DigiCert is the go-to provider of identity, authentication, and encryption solutions for the web and IoT devices.


(New Relic)


New Relic is a Software Analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics across millions of apps. They help the people who build modern software understand the stories their data is trying to tell them.



Curator is a social media aggregator that allows our social content user experience throughout our site



This cookie powers our Customer Service platform and allows features like our live chat experience



TrustArc powers privacy compliance and risk management with integrated technology, consulting and TRUSTe certification solutions. This cookie allows you to opt-in or out of cookie consent across the various channels. 



(Clicky Web Analytics)

This cookie allows us to further map your visit to the website.. This information allows us to provide the best possible shopping experience.

ltkmodal-session-depth /
ltkmodal-impression-{modalID} / ltkpopup-impression-{modalID}
ltkmodal-mobile-{modalID} / ltkpopup-mobile-{modalID}
ltkmodal-suppression-{modalID} / ltkpopup-suppression-{modalID}


Listrak is an email marketing platform. These cookies allow us to offer you sign-up offers for our newsletter subscription and track your preference throughout th session. 

_gsid / GSID{MerchantID}


Listrak is an email marketing platform. These cookies allow us to identify you through a randomly generated identifier across multiple devices and monitor behaviour to be able to offer you the best possible shopping experence. 

_cpid / _trkt
Cart Abandonment Cookies
scasid / STSID{cartTemplateID}
Recommendations Cookies
_ltk_recs_trk / ltk_recs_trk


Listrak is an email marketing platform. These cookies allow us to offer personalised recomendations, abandoned cart offers and store and save your shopping cart information 


Social media & marketing cookies

To help us to provide you with recommendations of products, services and content that match your expectations and preferences. They also help us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns on third-party websites, including social media, and ensure you do not continue to receive adverts that you are not interested in.
Personalised email marketing cookies

These cookies are used to send you enriched and personalised recommendations when you have signed up to our email marketing. We will tailor these recommendations based on your preferences and the products you view on our website.

Cookie Name Provider Purpose



(Facebook) This is an advertising cookie used to deliver advertising content to Facebook users such as real time bidding from third party advertisers
IDE, test_cookie   
(Google) Used by Google ad sense for experimenting with advertising efficiency
MUID (Microsoft) Used by Microsoft Advertising for advertising content and efficiency 



Unclassified cookies: 

We have a limited number of cookies on our website that we are currently classifying to understand which of the above categories they best fit in. Please check back soon for further updates on these. 


Cookie Name Provider Purpose
(Exponea) Exponea is an end-to-end Customer Data Platform. This Exponea cookie manages our on-site newsletter subscriptions and customer opt-in preferences, as well as allowing us to better understand your shipping experience and preferences.


Social buttons 

If you choose to 'share' our content with friends through social networks or similar platforms– such as Facebook, Google and Twitter - you may be sent cookies from these third-party websites. We don't control the setting of these cookies, and we recommend you check the third-party websites for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.


4. How to manage cookies 


Your cookie preferences

By clicking the "cookie preferences" button on our website cookie banner, you can choose whether the website will use ‘Personalised Email Marketing’ cookies as described in the ‘Our Cookies’ section above. We are working on enhancing our cookie preferences tool to enable this capability for all other non-essential cookies on our website as soon as we can. Check back here soon for updates on this.

The "cookie preferences" tool available on our website cookie banner will let you know which functionalities are available or not depending on the types of cookies you choose to allow our website to use. You can change or update your cookie preferences at any time using our cookie preferences tool

Browser settings

You can also enable or disable cookies or be alerted when cookies are sent to your device by changing your website browser settings. How to do this will depend on the browser you use. Please bear in mind that you can refer to your browser instructions or help screen to learn more about how to adjust or modify your browser settings at:

·Internet Explorer: Http://Windows.Microsoft.Com/En-US/Windows-Vista/How-To-Manage-Cookies-InInternet-Explorer-9 

·Chrome: Http://Support.Google.Com/Chrome/Bin/Answer.Py?Hl=En-GB&Hlrm=Nl&Answer=95647

·Safari: Http://Support.Apple.Com/Kb/PH5042

·Firefox: Http://Support.Mozilla.Org/En-US/Kb/Enable-And-Disable-Cookies-WebsitePreferences?S=Cookies&R=5&As=S


5. Other details you should know 


If you would like to get in touch you can write to us in connection with cookie data we process relevant to Evans, you can contact us at: [email protected]

We reserve the right to update this Cookies Policy at any time but won't send communications regarding minor changes. We will communicate with you and request refreshed consent for cookies if we make significant changes to this policy.

Please note that if you do not consent to or change your mind about our cookies, this will not stop you from seeing our ads online. You will continue to still see our generic ads but they will not be tailored specifically for you and likely be less relevant


This policy was last reviewed and updated: 23 December 2020