Top Tips for the Ultimate Wardrobe Clean Out

Top Tips For The Ultimate Wardrobe Clean Out - plus size fashion

Having an overcrowded wardrobe is one of those things you just don’t want to deal with. Whether you have an attachment to old, unworn clothing, or there’s simply too much to sift through, putting off a clean out might seem favourable!


Ladies – believe us – a clean out is necessary. It could actually be the key to helping you organise your life better! Rediscovering forgotten items can bring a whole new world of styling opportunities. Throwing out pieces that are damaged or too small can make way for new buys. Clearing your wardrobe will help clear your mind when it comes to thinking of outfits to wear. So many positives!


But with such a huge task at hand, where to begin? Well, here are our top tips to help you with the ultimate wardrobe clean out!



Categorise clothing into groups


Start by categorising your clothing into three groups. These are:

1.       Definitely keep

2.       Maybe keep

3.       Donate/sell


By doing so, you can easily distinguish the pieces you need to keep and discard, and you’ll have everything laid out in front of you as a visual aid. Then, put the ‘definitely keep’ aside and hone in on the ‘maybe keep’ pile. Split this one again into either keep or donate/sell pile, and voila – categorising complete!



Replace your hangers


Replacing hangers can definitely improve the visual aesthetic of your wardrobe, but it can actually help make more room, too! Clean out your old clunky hangers and replace them with slip yet sturdy ones. This will allow for more space again!



Make things visible


How many times have you gone to your wardrobe and been completely blank for a cute outfit idea? Us times a thousand! When you have a cluttered wardrobe, it clutters your vision also. You are not able to find the pieces that you may be looking for, or simply just forget they exist. It’s time to combat this problem!


Having cleared out and replaced your hangers, these steps should have already made more room for visibility. However, you also need consider what needs folding and what needs hanging. Utilise your shelf space to showcase accessories like your shoes and handbags. Edit your wardrobe this way and things will become much more streamlined. Just ensure you keep the edit going!



Reconsider older pieces


This is a step you may have already done in the categorising process, however you want to make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions when reconsidering older pieces.


Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

1.       Does it still fit?

2.       Is it comfortable?

3.       Is it flattering for my figure?

4.       Is it damaged and can this damage be fixed?

5.       Can you style it with other things in your wardrobe?



If this blog post helped you, we want to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below and tag us on your Instagram using the handle @evansclothing. Happy cleaning ladies!