Tips To Help Your Makeup Last All Day

Tips To Help Your Makeup Last All Day Plus Size Fashion

Don’t let your beautiful makeup go to waste! We’ve all experienced the disappointment when we look into the mirror and realise that the makeup we’d carefully applied has nearly disappeared. We’ve put together a series of helpful tips to prevent those midday touch-ups.


1) First things first, start with a clean canvas! Try exfoliating once or twice a week and cleanse every morning to give your skin some extra love. By cleansing away any impurities, your makeup can be applied more evenly to the face.


2) Apply your protective base. Not only do moisturisers keep your skin from dehydrating, but they also act as a base to protect your pores, reduce visible blemishing and help your skin to stay youthful.  When choosing your moisturiser, keep an eye out for those containing SPF for added protection.


3) Get prepping with your primer! By applying this skin saviour, primers help to eliminate shine on your face and to stop your foundation from streaking. They assist your moisturiser in creating a clean base by smoothing your skin before you add your makeup.


4) Choose your foundation wisely. Long-lasting foundations are not only perfect for keeping your skin glowing all day, but they also help to protect your skin from the sun and pollution. Yep, you heard it, no more smudging, streaking or disappearing with a long-lasting foundation.


5) Now press on that powder! By applying a little powder on top of your foundation, it acts as a shield barrier, enabling you to perfect a matte finish by soaking up any excess oil. Your makeup will look as fresh as when it was first applied with this trick.


7) Waterproof saviours! Enjoy the easy application of waterproof mascara and eyebrow pencils. Perfect for battling against the everyday enemies of sweat and pollution, their incredible formula will help your eyelashes keep their curl and hold your brow’s shape.


8) Add the finishing touch to your makeup with your new best-friend, setting spray. Perfect for avoiding any creasing or smudging, setting solutions come in the form of a powder or spray, guaranteed to help your makeup stay in place all day long.


We’d love to hear if our tips helped your makeup last longer! Leave us a message in the comments below xx