Tips for Getting the Perfect Instagram Shot

Tips for Getting the Perfect Instagram Shot - plus size fashion

Ever scroll through your Instagram feed and wonder how all these influencers and bloggers manage to capture such awesome snaps? We know we do! With so many gorgeous fashion and travel inspiration pages on the scene, we’re constantly bombarded with beautiful images on the daily.


If you’re feeling inspired to level up your own Instagram game, you’ve come to the right place. Here our best tips for getting the perfect Insta shot!



Understand good lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when taking your pics. If you’re in a dimly lit room, or if it’s night time, it’s going to be hard to get a quality shot. That’s why we always recommend utilising natural light! Cameras love natural light. You’ll produce more vibrant colours and clearer images with defined lines.


However, sometimes harsh sunlight can create unflattering and generally annoying shadows. If you want to work with softer light, try cloudy days, early mornings or dusk shoots. These are the most ideal environments to work in!



Work with new angles

The stock standard eye-level angle has been phased out over time. While in certain circumstances it still works a charm, have you tried working with different angles?


From a squatting position, you can make your subject matter look powerful and dominating. Take your images on the diagonal to get that really modern street style aesthetic. Maybe try an above angle, from a ladder or simply standing on your chair. There are so many ways to work your angles, why settle for just one!



Shoot in portrait, not landscape

A quick but essential tip — shoot in portrait instead of landscape! Why, you ask? Well, think about the way a phone is designed. It’s built to be used naturally on the vertical. This means that if you use a portrait image, you are making the best use of all the space you have on Instagram. A landscape image will take up less than half of the screen, and simply won’t be as captivating.



Explore filters & editing apps

Editing can make or break your pic. Without editing, you could be missing out on the chance to boost colour vibrancy or uplift shadows. However, too much editing can be even more detrimental, making your image seem inauthentic or fake. A little goes a long way in the world of photo editing!


Here are our top three apps for editing images:


If you’re after a quick fix, filters and presets may be your go-to. Each of the apps above offers this option. Both Airbrush and VSCO are good for quick changes, like shadows and highlights, vibrancy, cropping, and straightening. If you’re into manual editing, Lightroom is the way to go! Things can get a little complex in Lightroom though, so you may want to Google some tutorials first.




Do you have any hot photo-taking tips? How do you like to set your Insta story above the rest? Let us know in the comments below!