Style Hacks For Tall Women

Style Hacks For Tall Women | Plus Size Fashion

It’s not always easy being tall! It can be frustrating trying to find clothes that fit properly without looking like they’ve shrunk in the wash. We get it! Long sleeve shirts really aren’t long sleeved, sometimes you’re showing a little more midriff than you’d like, and regular length jeans can still look cropped (and don’t even get us started on cropped jeans!).

Well, we’re here to help alleviate some of those troubles! From shopping to styling, here are all the best fashion hacks for tall women.

Know your measurements

While this might not be a hack, it’s a great tip to help you find clothes that fit well, especially when shopping online! Depending on the fit, fabrication and silhouette of each clothing item, you might want to size up or size down to cater to your height. Well, knowing your measurements is the best way to find out what works for you!

Better yet, don’t just know your measurements, but take the time to measure some of your favourite clothes. Have a pair of pants that come up high enough and still cover your ankles? Take the front rise and inseam measurements! Have a pair that fits perfectly at your waist but just aren’t quite long enough? Take the inseam measurements and add a few of centimetres to find the perfect length for you. Easy!

Make the length seem intentional

Have that perfect pair of trousers that showcases your curves but just isn’t quite long enough at the ankle? Well, flaunt that look! Embrace it! Make a small cuff to the end of your pants or add a strappy heel or decorative ankle boot for an intentional finish.

An alternative way to embrace the cropped length is to wear stockings underneath your trousers to warm up your look and add a touch of edge to your look. Opt for semi-sheer stockings under classic black slacks, or go for an alt look with fishnet stockings or decorative stockings under jeans. You’ll be stealing looks all day long!

Learn to alter your tops

Don’t let this scare you off! We’re not suggesting you pull out the sewing machine or the scissors, but instead, opt for some temporary alterations! 

Thinking your top would look better cropped for a particular outfit? Turn your top inside out, fold the hem at your ideal length and use double-sided fabric tape to secure. Perfect! 

Have a top that’s the perfect length but is a little too loose? While wearing the top, gather some excess material at the back to pull in the sides and create a more fitted look. Secure with an elastic band or ponytail holder and tuck up into the shirt or into your trousers. Alternatively, gather the material on the inside of your top at the back and secure it with an elastic band to create a gathered look.

Do your sleeves come up short? Lean into it by pushing your sleeves up to your elbows, cuffing your sleeves or turning your top inside out, folding the sleeves to the length you need and securing it with double-sided fabric tape.

Wearing a button-up blouse that shows a small gap between some buttons? Use a small strip of double-sided fabric tape to secure the fabric and remove the gap.

Level up your shoe game

Yep, that’s right! Shoes are seriously important for us tall girls. Heels level up your look, creating an elegant finish while embracing your height (and bringing it to a whole new level). Pointed shoes help to elongate your figure and really showcase your legs, and strappy shoes will have you embracing the cropped lengths while adding some pizazz to your outfit. Play around and see what you love, but don’t underestimate the power of a good shoe!


When it comes to accessories, go big or go home! Your added height means you really rock large accessories, including large hand bags, jewellery, sunglasses and more. Style your fave summer midi dress with big shades and a large tote for effortless chic. A floaty maxi dress is perfect with a thick waist belt to cinch your waist and chunky strappy heels to add some height and keep things bold. Be ambitious with your accessories, because you can really rock them like no one else!

Dress for your height

When it comes down to it, you'll just want to dress in clothes that love you back! Opt for maxi and midi dresses and skirts, skinny jeans, trench coats, tunics and jumpsuits that embrace your height and showcase your figure perfectly. Here are some of our best styles that are designed with your curves and height in mind!

What’s the style hack that changed your life? Let us know in the comments below! xx

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