Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist Plus Size Fashion

Spring has sprung and you know what that means - time to clean!


Taking the time to clean your home is essential for keeping your home lovely, healthy, and a happy space to be in. Tackling dust, mould, and stains is only one of the tasks. Spring cleaning often requires a deeper, more intense clean, which can take days to accomplish.


To make sure that you don't miss a spot, we've compiled a list of tasks for each room in your home! 

All Rooms

- Dust furniture, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

- Clean windows and curtains.

- Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches.

- Test batteries in all your smoke detectors.

- Wipe baseboards.

- Mop floors.

- De-smudge the inside and outside of windows.

- Deodorise and deep clean carpets and rugs. 

- Create a natural air freshener.


- Clean oven and stovetop.

- Clean behind, around, and inside appliances. 

- Empty the refrigerator and defrost the freezer.

- Wipe down your microwave, coffeemaker, and other small appliances.

- Remove items from cabinets and clean.

- Deodorise and degrease kitchen drain.

- Discard old or expired food in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. Donate food in unopened cans and jars. 

spring cleaning checklistspring cleaning checklist


- Clear up counter.

- Go through old medicine and products, throw out expired ones.

- Organise drawers.

- Organise laundry supplies.

- Clean washing machine and dryer vent.

- Scrub tile grout and bathtub.

- Disinfect around the toilet. 


- Organise drawers and closets (donate any clothes you don’t wear!).

- Invest in storage containers or clothes bags to store out-of-season clothes. 

- Wash bedding and pillows.

- Rotate your mattresses.

- Deodorise and vacuum your carpets and curtains.

- Wipe down baseboards. 

What's your top cleaning tip? Let us know in the comments below! 


Happy cleaning! xx

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