Quick & Healthy Lunchtime Recipes

Quick & Healthy Lunchtime Recipes Plus Size Fashion

Turn your day around with these quick and healthy lunchtime recipes. Full of flavours that minimise your time in the kitchen, get ready to make your mouth water with these yummy recipes.

Chicken Hummus Bowl

Delicious and quick to make, enjoy your 5-a-day with the Chicken Hummus Bowl. Thrown together in just 10 minutes, try this budget-friendly recipe.

Veggie Salad

Ideal for using up your left over roasted vegetables, take a browse through these veggie salad recipes for a quick and easy meal!

Sunshine Egg Salad

You can’t go wrong with Jamie Oliver’s healthy sunshine egg salad. Containing dukkah and sweet pepper grains, this mouth-watering recipe is a weekday staple.

Buddha Bowl

Adaptable depending on your ingredients and oh-so delicious, a buddha bowl is full of healthy ingredients and colourful! Try this step-by step recipe.

Chicke and Pea Couscous

Easy to make and versatile, this chicken and pea couscous recipe is a great lunch idea and can be prepared the night before!

Vegetable Soup

Perfect for the colder seasons, warm yourself with a vegetable soup. Jam-packed with flavours and healthy veg, freeze this recipe to make weekday cooking easy.

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