Makeup Trends We're Obsessing Over

Makeup Trends We're Obsessing Over Plus Size Fashion

Just because we haven't been wearing makeup as much lately, doesn't mean we can't still dabble in the trends. If anything, all this time at home has had us perfecting our winged liner and nailing our brows because who doesn't love a little upskilling in their spare time? Now, it's time to put those improved skills to the test. Here are some of the top trending makeup looks that you simply have to try this season:


Floating Eyeliner


We have no doubt you’ve been seeing this term floating around lately. Floating eyeliner, also known as the floating crease, is a striking new graphic eye makeup trend. It features liner hovering at the crease of your lid, below the brow and above the lash line.


It’s super easy to recreate and can be done in so many fun ways. Try a simple black winged style, or opt for a pastel-coloured liner like a pink or purple. You can even connect the liner back to the top of your lashes for a hollowed out graphic style.



Dolphin Skin


This trending makeup technique attempts to imitate the appearance of a dolphin’s skin – exactly as its name suggests. The vibe is smooth, dewy and fresh. It's a beautiful natural look that you can take from work, to drinks, to casual coffee catch-ups and everything in between.



Glossy Lip


Rejoice – lip gloss is back and better than ever! You may remember the popularity of lip gloss back in the day as you were growing up in the 90’s and naughties. Every girl had to have a watermelon Lip Smacker in her pocket! We’re excited to see it return in its full glory, whether it’s a clear gloss, nude gloss or bright pink gloss. Seriously glam.



Reverse Eyeshadow


This is a bold eye look for those who want to truly make a statement! Reverse where you put the coloured shadow and, instead of on the top of your eyelid, opt for just beneath your waterline. Finish with a classic wing and you’re good to go.



Lip stain


There’s something so soft and lovely about a subtle lip stain. Rather than going bold with your lipstick, try the lip stain trend for just a touch of colour. It’s super low maintenance too, meaning no smears and less reapplying! Perfect for under your mask.



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