How To Make Your Plants Thrive This Summer

How To Make Your Plants Thrive This Summer

Summer is well on its way and to say we’re looking forward to those warmer days is an understatement! Riverside walks, picnics in the park and sunny times in the beer garden await us. However, now is also the time we need to be paying a little extra attention to our plant babies at home.


To get your houseplants prepped and ready for that heat, you’ll need to switch to summer plant care mode. Here are some of our top tips to help your babies thrive when the temperature rises:



Pay attention to humidity


Plants such as ferns and Calatheas love humidity, so keeping the room appropriately humid is ideal. If you want to pay extra close attention, you can even use a humidity metre to help! Ensure you are giving your plants a good misting as often as possible, or perhaps go that extra mile and create a cute little microclimate for them. Fill a shallow dish with water and place it underneath your plant. Voila!



Repot in the morning or evening


Be very careful when repotting in the summer. Make sure you repot when the temperature is cooler in either the mornings or evenings to ensure the best outcome. The last thing you want to do is stress out your plant – repotting it in the scorching heat of the day is a sure-fire way to do so! If possible, repot in the cooler months to make things a little easier.



Focus on good watering habits


Monitor your watering habits closely. Are you giving your plant enough water to sustain it in the heat? Are you getting over excited about hydrating your plant in the summer and going a little overboard? The best way to check if your baby needs water is to push your finger into the soil 1-2cms and check if it is still damp. Dry as a bone? Give it a good watering! Heat and sun can cause water to evaporate from the soil very quickly, so you’ll likely find you are watering more often in the summer.



Get the right sunlight


Where in your house gets too much sun? Where in your house gets not enough sun? Pay attention to these spots, because your indoor plants need to be getting just the right amount of sunlight. Particularly when the seasons shift, you’ll need to notice if your plant’s previous location is still appropriate! Be sure to Google exactly what kind of light your particular plant needs to get it right. It is recommended that indoor plants keep away from harsh rays and are placed in indirect sunlight.



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