How to Find the Perfect Bra

How to Find the Perfect Bra - plus size fashion

The right bra is the backbone of any woman’s wardrobe, but shopping for The One can sometimes feel like an ordeal.


For this reason, so many of us stay in the same bra for much longer than recommended. Over time, the band can stretch out. The cups can lose their shape. Shoulder straps begin to slip and we still cling to these bras because they’re comfortable and because we don’t want to embark on the journey of finding a new one. If you find yourself frequently tugging at the band of your bra or looking forward to the moment you’re able to take it off, it’s time to search for a replacement.


Finding a bra that fits can help improve posture, reduce back pain, give you confidence, and make your outfits more flattering. We believe it shouldn’t be so difficult to find the perfect bra, so we’ve put together our top tips to make your next shopping expedition just that little bit easier!



The Band



Most of the support in your bra comes from the band.


While the straps might seem as though they’re present to hold up the bust, they are there to keep the bra cup itself flush against your body and to help shape your breast. If the band of your bra fits correctly, you should be able to slip the straps from your shoulders and take a few steps while your bra remains in place.


When you have the correct band size, you should be able to fit your finger between your back and the strap itself with only about an inch of stretch. If the underwire of the bra is squeezing or digging into your breast tissue, it is too small.

The Straps



The straps of your bra should not be doing all the heavy lifting!


Perfectly fitting straps should sit comfortably on your shoulders. They shouldn't be slipping off (where's the support in that?) and they definitely shouldn't be digging in. If your straps are pulled so tight that they’re sinking into your shoulders, you might require either a smaller band or a larger cup size.


A good way to judge if the straps fit correctly is to slide your index finger under the strap and down to the band. If you can do this comfortably and without any issues, the straps fit well. 





The Cups



There are many different types of bras with varying levels of cup coverage, but one thing is consistent across all bras - the cup must fit correctly!


Your breasts should not be spilling out around the edges of the cups. This means they should be sitting fully inside the cup without any spillage out the top, bottom or sides. 


There shouldn't be any gaping either. If the cup sits away from your body, that cup is too large. You want to be able to comfortably move in your bra without fear of a wardrobe malfunction! 


If you're shopping for a bra with an underwire, you shouldn't be able to feel the underwire at all. It should sit flat across your body and sit so your breasts are separated. If you can feel the wire or experience any discomfort, you've chosen the wrong size. 

The signs that you’ve found the perfect bra: 


- The straps remain in place but are not digging into your shoulders.


- The band remains flush against your chest and does not ride up at the back.


- The fullest part of your breast falls partway between your shoulders and your elbows.


- Your breast tissue is not spilling over the top of the sides of your bra.


- It feels equally comfortable when sitting or standing and does not hinder your ability to breathe.





Do you have any other tips & tricks? Let us know in the comments below.



Happy bra shopping, ladies!