Fun DIY Projects To Try

Fun DIY Projects To Try Plus Size Fashion

Got some spare time to kill? Whether it’s a quiet weekend or you’re looking to take up some soothing arts and crafts after a long day at work, there’s nothing like a good DIY project to get stuck into. And thanks to that good old thing called the internet, we now have unlimited access to ideas, inspiration and step-by-step guides.

Kickstart your brainstorming with these six super fun DIY projects to try:


DIY Soap

Soap is surprisingly easy to DIY, especially when you follow an easy online recipe! Using moulds, essential oils and colouring, you can create something unique and actually useful. It’s great as a crafty gift idea, too! Online stores like the Soap Kitchen contain recipes, supplies and kits for beginners.


DIY Garden Signpost

Want to dress up your backyard? Why not create your own little signpost! Cute, quirky and super fun, you can label it however you want. Capital cities, fairytale locations, famous places in your local area… the options are endless! You’ll need a wooden post and battens, as well as tools like a handsaw, sandpaper, hammer, nails and weatherproof paint.


DIY Flower Vase

Whether you enjoy a touch of pottery or simply want to dress up some old vases, this project is fun for adding to your home decor collection. Try upcycling old, £1 vases from charity shops and turning them into faux ceramic pieces with this TikTok hack.


DIY Photo Wall Hanging

A beautiful way to showcase old memories, create your own photo wall for the bedroom! A popular way to do so is by sticking rows of photos to their own piece of yarn, then hanging them side-by-side on a wooden post. Find out how here.


DIY Furniture Colour Pop

Getting bored of your furniture? Why not upstyle with a pop of colour? A coat of fresh paint can make so much difference to your living space, and it’s a relaxing craft for boring weekends at home! Be sure to do your research on what paints are safe on what surfaces. Then, whether it’s your wardrobe, a chest of drawers or bed frame, it’s time to get painting!


DIY Succulent Terrarium

Creating your own succulent terrarium is a beautiful way to decorate your living space! All you need to do is choose your container of choice and make sure its clean, then lay the trainage layer, add a filter for separation, pour a charcoal layer and top with soil mix. Finally, pop in your plants and playful decorations! Find the method here.


Which of these inspired you the most? Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? Leave us your comments below!