Easy At-Home Nail Art

Easy At Home Nail Art - plus size fashion

With all this time spent indoors, we're thinking of fun, new ways to get creative! How about a touch of nail art? Painting your nails at home is one of those things that seems like such a task, but is so rewarding once you get a glimpse at the final product. And surprisingly, it's a lot easier to do than you might think.


Looking for some inspo? Here are some easy at-home nail art ideas to try out while we hold out for June 21:



Nail Stickers


Playing with nail stickers is much easier than drawing an illustration yourself! Easy to use and totally captivating, we love little heart stickers or flowers as a classic choice. Alternatively, online nail stores like Olivia & June stock some totally cute and unique sticker designs, like little animals, shooting stars, and nail bed flamingos.



The Single Stripe


Draw a stripe down the centre of your nail for a simple yet sophisticated nail art design. For easy drawing, you can use a linework striper brush to get the straightest line possible. Places like Paintbox are a good place to find these kinds of at-home nail art tools.



Diagonal Colourblock

A classic graphic that never gets old. We love a little colour block in our lives and this nail art design is timeless. Simply line your nails from each diagonal and fill in either side with a different colour. Try choosing opposites on the colour wheel, like yellow and purple or pink and green.





Nothing like feminine florals! These are super cute and easier than they look. Start by picking your base colour, then all you need is your dotting tool to create a circle of five dots, which will form the petals of your flower design. To finish, choose a different colour to dot in your flower centre! Beautiful.



Dot Nail Art


The minimalist cuticle dot is sleek, chic, and almost too easy to recreate! Playing on negative space, it's an aesthetic design that truly shows less is more. If you have a dotting tool (available from places like previously mentioned Paintbox), you can easily use your tool to create the perfect dot. If you don't have one, try using something with a fine tip, like a pen, toothpick, or pin.



Do you have a favourite style to do? Have you tried any of these at home? Let us know in the comments below!