DIY: Home Spa Night

DIY Home Spa Night - plus size fashion

Who is in need of some serious R&R? We know we are!


Life can be stressful and it's easy to get wrapped up in routine & work. It's important to take a moment to stop and treat yourself to the luxury you deserve. We’ve compiled a list of six soothing steps to the perfect DIY home spa night. Follow these tips, and you’ll be unwinding blissfully in no time!



Light candles or burn incense

The first step is always to have your lighting right! Think about any of the spas you’ve visited in your time. Usually, the lighting is dimmed, with only the faint quiver of candle flames to guide you through. Channel that aesthetic and light up your space! We recommend scented soy wax candles as they burn slower and last longer.


Lighting candles — as well as burning incense — will also tap into your sense of smell, so not only visually will your home start to feel more like a spa, but aroma-wise, too! If candles aren’t your thing, why not try and essential oils diffuser?



Pick a soothing playlist

While we’re on the topic of tapping into our senses, think about how you want your space to sound. Silence is ideal for some, while a soothing playlist is better suited to others. Look to Spotify or YouTube for your relaxing beats! There are so many great playlists to choose from. Try searching with the keywords ‘yoga playlist’ or ‘spa and meditation playlist’. We’ve also linked a few below:




Run a bath

Once you’ve set your scene, it’s time to get the bath running. Make sure you set the temperature just right — having it too cold will cut your spa time short, but anything too hot will make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty. Generally anywhere between 32C and 40C is considered ideal!


Up the ante on your DIY spa and dilute some essential oils to bathe in. This will make the experience feel more luxurious and will intensify your aromatherapy efforts. Popular essential oils include lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, chamomile and frankincense. Just be sure to dilute correctly and pick the right oil for you.


Alternatively, baking soda makes a great addition to your bath water. There are all kinds of incredible benefits to using it! Bathing in baking soda can help soothe the itching effects of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It can also help treat yeast infections and relive tension and pain in the muscles. What a godsend!



Relax into a face mask

Pop on a face mask, but remember to cleanse your skin first. Whether it’s a clay mask, cream mask, peel-off-mask or sheet mask, you’ll want to make sure you have clean skin before use.


There are many types of face masks out there also, so make sure you’re getting one to suit your personal skin needs. If you’re prone to dry skin, look for something hydrating. However, if you suffer with acne, get a treatment mask to fight blemishes.


You could even get more DIY by making your own face mask! From turmeric and honey mixes to aloe vera and green tea, creating your own mask could become a really fun and therapeutic hobby.



Follow with a skincare routine

If you have your own skincare routine, you know what to do. We like to use a serum, followed by a facial oil, a hydrating moisturiser and, finally, some eye cream.


If you want to get creative, play with some slices of cucumber, cold spoons or tea bags for the under eyes. Maybe even drape a hot towel over your face! The opportunities are endless.



Take a digital detox

If ever there were a time to switch off your digital devices, it would be now. Tearing away from your mobile phone, laptop and TV may well be the hardest part but trust us, it’s worth it! Doing so will reduce eye strain and better help you to meditate. Steer your thoughts away from everything that’s happening outside and focus on what’s most important. You.




How do you like to treat yourself at home? Let us know in the comments below!