5 Top Tips for Amateur Home Bakers

5 Top Tips for Amateur Home Bakers Plus Size Fashion

If you’re a fanatic of the Great British Bake Off like us, chances are you love to do some of your own baking at home. There’s nothing quite like throwing on the apron and getting down to business! From simple recipes such as home-baked cookies, or the more challenging ones like meringue and souffle, it’s always worth having a few tips and tricks under the sleeve. 

Here are our top five tips for amateur bakers:


1. Don’t skip out on preparation!


Ever heard of the chef’s term ‘mis en place’? This means to have all of your ingredients and utensils in order and ready before you begin. By doing so, you’re creating clear space for a clear mind, helping you carefully follow the steps you need to create your delectable masterpiece.


2. Precision is key


Make sure you pay attention to measurements and follow them closely — they are there for a reason! Digital weighing scales are a great addition to the home baking collection. However, measuring cups will do just fine, too. Just remember that guessing is not worth the risk, particularly with a recipe you haven’t tried before.


3. Upgrade your equipment


Professional equipment can yield professional results. DTry not to skimp out when buying your cooking utensils, but tthere’s also no need to go extravagant with the spending. You can find plenty of mid-range, affordable brands with great cookware to help you achieve your desired baking results. Plus, nicer equipment can also mean less scraping in the cleaning process — an absolute win!


4. Keep things clean!


This goes without saying, but keeping your equipment and surfaces as clean as possible is a must. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the over-smoking oven when there’s crusted grease stuck to the back of it! And no one wants to eat the leftover bits of last week’s muffins from the cake tray. Get into a good cleaning routine and keep your cleaning products topped up when you know you’ve got a day of baking ahead of you!



5. Take your time and have fun


Seriously, this isn’t the real British Bakeoff. It’s not a race! Take your time, clearly read out the steps, and simply enjoy the process. You’ll come out of it feeling soothed, accomplished, and ready to reel in the compliments from friends and family!


If you have any more tips to add to this list, we'd love to hear them — leave us a message in the comments below!