5 Skincare Hacks for an Instant Glow-up

5 Skincare Hacks for an Instant Glow-Up - plus size fashion

Who doesn’t love a glow up?


It’s never too late to learn a new beauty hack, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our five favourites just for you! Whether you’re looking to introduce a skincare routine or modify an existing one, here are some of the best, most effective hacks we have at hand.


Got that notepad and pen ready? Here we go!



Hack 1: Introduce sunscreen to your routine daily

We don’t care how many times you’ve heard it, we’re going to repeat it anyway. WEAR. SUNSCREEN. DAILY.


We suggest you get yourself a facial sunscreen. Sunscreen that has been designed for face use is lightweight and manageable opposed to the thick one used to protect your skin on the beaches of Italy. There are also facial sunscreens out there that are mattifying and act as a primer for your makeup. This makes it easier to apply when in a rush, as you don’t have to wait around for it to dry.


And sure, many of us may be spending loads more time at home lately, however, the easiest way to remember to use facial sunscreen is to work it into a daily routine. By doing so, you are safeguarding year-round protection from the damaging effects of UV rays.



Hack 2: Ditch the makeup wipes, just double cleanse 

The thing is, make-up wipes just don’t cut it anymore. In fact, they never have. When you glide a makeup wipe across your face, you aren’t fully removing any makeup, dirt or dead skin. You’re mostly just smearing it from one place to another, leaving all that unwanted grit and grime behind to fester in the skin. Also, when you rub at your skin with a makeup wipe, you can cause low-grade inflammation, leaving your skin prone to early wrinkling and skin pigmentation. Not to mention micro-tears – ouch!


So, what’s our alternative? Introducing the latest skincare trend taking social media by storm: the double cleanse. Whether you’ve heard your fave beauty blogger rave about it or stumbled across the trend on TikTok, the double cleanse is a bandwagon you’ll want to hop on board with.


Using cleansing oil, balm or micellar water, it’s as simple as cleansing over your face. Twice. The first round will remove sweat, bacteria and old skin cells, while the second offers a deeper clean into the pores. It is designed to be both gentle yet thorough, meaning you’ll get rid of more of that grime sans the damaging effects of an excessive rubbing motion. Say it with us now - double the cleanse, double the glow!



Hack 3: Wash your pillowcases regularly 

It may sound pretty straightforward, but you wouldn’t believe how many people look past this step.


Do you sleep with a hair product in overnight? Do you sometimes forget to remove your makeup at night? If you answered yes to either of these, chances are your pillowcases need changing more often than others.


It’s also a known fact that your hair holds more dirt than anywhere else on the body. Kind of like a dirty mop (sorry, not sorry). With your hair and face in contact with your pillowcase every night, that’s a whole load of bacteria and dead skin cell build up right there. Seriously, wash them once a week if you can!



Hack 4: Wash your face daily, but don’t overdo it

Even when you go a day without makeup, washing your face is still necessary for removing dirt and oil. It may seem a simple task, but it really makes a difference. Twice daily is the recommended amount, but did you know there’s a limit, too?


Washing your face more than necessary can do more damage than good. The natural oil our bodies produce is good for our skin and provides a protective layer against external factors. If we over wash, we risk washing away this important defence barrier, leaving our face at the mercy of bacteria and harsh sun rays.


Find a healthy balance and stick with it to reap maximum benefits.



Hack 5: Pay attention to the foods you’re eating

Last but certainly not least, what you eat has a massive effect on your skin. You’ll notice the difference once you start paying attention to it.


When we consume too much processed food, we don’t get the nutrients necessary to nourish our skin cells. Try adding more raw foods that contain active enzymes to your diet. Excess sugar can also aggravate skin conditions such as acne and eczema. So by consuming less sugar and more nutrient-rich foods, you’ll be rewarded with clearer skin.




Do you have any skincare hacks for gorgeous glowing skin? Let us know in the comments below!