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When shopping for your new spring wardrobe, this fashion formula will help. Because when you get your hemline-to-shoe ratio right, your sense of style will add up…

Whether Apple or Pear, Busty or Hourglass, the formula is simple – you need to balance your hemline-to-shoe ratio. Get this right and the outfit will add up beautifully. Get it wrong and the silhouette won’t work. Making the shoe fit the outfit is key: for all of us, a heel can lengthen the look of the leg and slim the calf. Revealing an ankle in a cute, cropped trouser or flashing the perfectly manicured feet in a peep-toe can transform your look and maximise your confidence.


Here’s our guide to matching the ideal shoe to your silhouette, ensuring your spring wardrobe gets top marks.

Style Ratio 2 Style Ratio 2

The new wide-leg style resembles the classic Oxford Bags, trousers favoured by university students of yore. Apply a relaxed attitude to this shape by adding a metallic slide. Cut in a soft fabric, the trouser line will fall elegantly around your shoe, making your legs look slimmer. Silver and so easy to wear, the slide gets a gold star for style sums!

 A-line sihouettes reference 1950s fashion, especially in a print. A strong shoe is essential to complement this shape. Height is needed to exaggerate the graphic nature of the dress, but a classic heel will make this look too retro. Add a shoe boot to balance out the femininity.

Style Ratio 3 Style Ratio 3

This is an option for an elegant evening look, which stands out from the LBD. Wide-leg trousers are fast becoming a fashion favourite. Lounging around in fluid shapes feels very glamorous, too. Team this with a black mid-block sandal with metallic detailing to get the balance right.