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Style has no size


It's the slogan of the summer, celebrate body confidence with Evans.

Experts in Shape; we know our pears from our apples and the best way to make them shine. We believe that style is not about the size you wear; it’s about how you style your size. Our #STYLEHASNOSIZE campaign celebrates every woman’s shape and style - a message to challenge preconceptions and bring together women with a mantra that really matters.

From models to bloggers, magazine editors to celebrities, women everywhere are spreading the word that #STYLEHASNOSIZE. They’re Tweeting about it and wearing their heart on their slogan tees too. Now you can join us in making this fresh and fierce fashion statement with our brand-new #STYLEHASNOSIZE t-shirt and tote bag.

You’ll be sharing positivity too - all profits from the sale of the #STYLEHASNOSIZE t-shirt and bag will go to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity* supporting families with a seriously ill child.

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"Does style have no size? Definitely. Style is a personal expression, whether it's through fashion or any other means, size it not relevant. The definition of style is simple - A comfortable and elegant mode of existence. I believe style for a woman should be a personal reflection of whatever they want to express. Whether it's to feel beautiful, confident, elegant, empowered, sexy or just plain comfortable."
Sarah Watkinson, Founder of 12+ UK Model Management

"All too often our culture tells us that the only people allowed to participate in fashion are thin, which is completely untrue. Women can look great regardless of their weight, and they deserve to feel great too."
Gabi Gregg, Founder of

"A woman with real style dresses for herself using clothes as a means of expression by indulging her unique creativity."
Laura Catterall, Model with 12plusUK

"To me, style has no size or age. True style comes from having the confidence to please yourself and to be true to yourself. Style is not about fashion but about personality and expressing yours through your clothes. Don't force the fashion or wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable, whether emotionally or physically, as it will show. 
Rebecca Van Reicher, Evans Head of Design