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The office party is a minefield of both style and social
sticky situations; do you wear your dress then add
accessories or go for a full change in the loos?
 How appropriate is a selfie with your boss?

Well don’t fret as Evans have put together a list to
make sure you look fabulous and keep your cool.

Do/Dont 1 Do/Dont 1

A red lip can instantly
transform you from office
worker to festive glamour
at the swipe of a stick.

More of a style staple than a
trend, a good lippy gives a real
sense of occasion to your
party look.

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You might have been thinking of
trying an eyeshadow look you
saw on Pinterest for the first time
for the office party…well don’t.
It could look amazing, but you
could also end up looking like a
sparkly racoon.

Better to stick with fail safe
options so you feel comfortable
and focus on having fun.
Same applies to contouring,
two words- Lion King.

Do/Dont2 Do/Dont2

Tis the season to go glam in
sequins and glitter.
Make it
easy by focussing on jewellery,
a statement necklace is a great
way to add some spice to a
plain top and who doesn’t love
a bit of Christmas bling?

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Everyone loves a heel but
make sure you have worn them
at least 3 times before a long
night if you want to avoid

If time isn’t on your side,
try walking around the house
in them with a pair of thick
socks on to stretch out any
areas that might pinch to
get them dance floor ready.

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Do/Dont 3 Do/Dont 3

Spare tights, breath mints, nail file, hair
spray...there is a world of dinky products
perfect for keeping you
looking fresh all night.

Choose the right bag that completes
your look and fits all your essentials for
a stylish and stress free evening.

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A glass of champagne to celebrate is
acceptable, shots followed by crazy
dancing, a bit of a cry and snogging
weird Dave from the post room is not.

Keep your composure and a clear
head, you will be really glad you did
the next morning.

Do/Dont 5 Do/Dont 5

The whole point of any party is
to enjoy yourself, so let your
hair down and have some fun!

Wear something you feel
confident in so all you need to
worry about is having a ball.

With a bit of careful planning
and the right outfit that you feel
fantastic in it will be easy to have
a good time.

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