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1. What is Recycle with Evans?

We’ve teamed up with United Shoe and Rainbow
Trust Children’s Charity to create Recycle with
Evans! The new recycling initiative aims to collect
over 2,000 pairs of shoes that will be used to
create jobs in developing countries and raise
money for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, who
support families with a life threatened or terminally
ill child. It’s easy; bring in an old or unwanted pair
of shoes to any Evans stand-alone store until 27th
August 2016 and you’ll receive £30 worth of
discounts to spend in store or online
on your new season wardrobe.

2. What can I exchange?

You can exchange any unwanted or unloved pair of
shoes. These don’t need to be Evans shoes; you
are able to recycle shoes from any brand.
You can recycle as many pairs of shoes as you
want but you will only receive one voucher that has
£30 worth of discounts – see "3. What will I

3. What will I receive?

To say thank you for recycling your shoes we’ll
give you one voucher that has three discounts on:
1. £5 off your next spend over £25
2. £10 off your next spend over £40
3. £15 off your next spend over £60

If you're recycling your shoes within one of our
Republic of Ireland stores (Dublin Henry St, Cork,
Drogheda, Limerick Childers, Killarney & Liffey
Valley), you'll get one voucher that has the
following in store discounts on:
1. €10 off your next spend over €40
2. €15 off your next spend over €60
3. €20 off your next spend over €80

The online discounts you'll receive if redeemed
online at will be the same as the UK.
The discounts are valid from Sunday 26th June
until 27th September 2016.

4. Where can I recycle my shoes?

You can exchange in all Evans own stores across
the UK and Ireland and Evans stores within Tesco
only. You cannot exchange in Evans concessions
within BHS, Outfit or other concession stores. To
find your nearest store click here. Unfortunately,
we aren’t currently able to offer this service for
online orders or deliveries.

5. When can I recycle my shoes?

Recycle with Evans launches on Sunday 26th June
until Saturday 27th August 2016.
Your vouchers will be valid from Sunday 26th June
until 27th September 2016, inclusive.

6. What happens to my shoes?

All shoes exchanged at Evans are
given to United Shoe, who then:
• Ship all the shoes collected from the UK to their
sister company Assess International in UAE for
sorting and grading. From here they are sent to
Ghana, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania,
Togo, Benin, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Chile to
be re-used.

• Every shoe is re-used and there is no wastage.

• Your shoes will provide economic opportunities
for traders in the above countries to obtain a
regular income, enabling them to feed, clothe
and educate their families.

• Every penny raised from your unwanted or
unloved shoes helps support families with a
seriously ill child.

Shoes recycled within the Republic of Ireland will
be donated to local charities.

7. Who is Rainbow Trust?

Rainbow Trust is a national charity that offers
emotional and practical support for families
who have a child with a life threatening or
terminal illness. They support over 25% of the
6,000 families in England with a seriously ill
child, wherever the family needs them, be that
in hospital, at home, while travelling or
in the community.

8. Who are United Shoe?

United Shoe is a dedicated shoe recycling company
who offer a specialised collection and recycling
service. They arrange for all of the shoes donated
to be recycled in developing counties for either
reuse or re-sold which creates jobs locally within
those countries. 100% off all the shoes can be
recycled. Based on the weight of the shoes donated
– United Shoe will make a donation to Rainbow
Trust on the behalf of Evans. They will donate 40p
for every 1kg of shoes donated.

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