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You've found the dress, your accessories are ready to go, now say hello to the perfect party hair. Here are some handy hints to try out from the experts at Sexy Hair to perfect your own party style…

Style Adviser


1. To perfect your do, think shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo can make a big difference to your hair, from adding volume, strengthening or controlling frizz. If you have more than one hair issue (hello greasy roots and dry ombre bleached ends!) try Sulfate-Free Soy Moisturizing Shampoo, it is so gentle it suits almost every hair type.

2. Before you begin, leave it in!

A leave-in treatment creates a great base to make for your style. For those looking for a little plumping, try new Full Bloom for volumised, soft and healthy hair. For a sleek look try Smooth Encounter which gently tames tresses without leaving them feeling heavy.

3. Want perfection, use hair protection!

If use heat to create your style, make sure you protect your precious locks. Remember, just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not hurting your hair. 450° Protect is a great all-rounder. Its water free formula is the secret to sealing moisture into your hair and protecting it from damage.

4. For hair that smiles, create your style!

Once you have styled your hair a few key products can create the perfect look. For the ultimate lift, choose a teasing spray. Applied once your hair is dry, spray it into the root area and wrap the hair around the can to provide lift and volume without backcombing. If you are after texture, try a dry wax spray to create a more separated, rocky look.

5. Crossing the finish line…

You’ve worked so hard to create your style, we need to make sure it’s in it for the long haul! Get Layered is a super-fast drying hairspray. Spray it lightly for a natural hold, or layer it for looks that require more staying power. Finally a product for British weather… Weatherproof. Once your hair has been completely styled, finish with a layer to provide a sheer, weather proof coat for your hair.



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