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I basically wear whatever I feel comfortable
in, push my style as much as I can, and blog
about it. My original goal was just to have a
way to express myself in a positive way, the
fashion saved me. It wasn't necessarily to
inspire people. I was just a normal girl who
was inspired by fashion and wore what I
wanted to.

Nadia Aboulhosn
Fashion Blogger, Designer and Model

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Callie Thorpe
Blogger and Columnist for Marie Claire

Fashion is a way of self-expression. You can
dress how you want to dress and express who
you are as a person. It’s not always about
putting clothes on it’s about putting yourself
on. I’m not brave for wearing a swimsuit, and
I’m not brave for dressing myself in the
morning. Fashion is for everybody.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you can be
proud of what you have achieved. I love
wearing minimal clothes, I love fashion now.
I love getting up in the morning and being
like "what am I going to wear today?" I want
people to explore fashion, everybody should
be involved.

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Hayley Hasselhoff
Model, Actress

I started modelling when I was 14.
My journey is my own, and I am excited to
see where my path will go. I believe I am
beautiful the way I am. I’m proud of the
woman I have become, we are all supposed
to be different.

I feel really confident in what I do and
what I represent. I have my bad days I
have my good days but I don’t feel the
need to put a label on who I am. Every
girl still wants to feel good in her clothes
no matter what shape or size they are.
Stay true to yourself and don’t let others
dictate your journey. I am me,
the beautiful me I am.

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Mirna Valerio
Ultra Marathon Runner, Blogger, Diversity Director

When I say to people that I run, or that
I’m a marathoner, or that I run
ultra-marathons sometimes it comes with
a little bit of surprise and some dis-belief
so I decided to blog about that.

My success comes from being authentic
and true to who I am. I get so much joy
from seeing people succeed. The advice
I would give to young people is to start a
habit of self-care and love. Look in the
mirror and say something positive, or get
out for a run. And keep doing it until it
becomes a habit.

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Alessandra Garcia

There weren’t a lot of role models for me
when I was growing up so I had to look
within myself to find that confidence.
Now everyone is a role model and there
are so many outlets. To inspire people
you have to lead by example. We all
have to come together to build each
other up and spread that positivity
and confidence.

The advice I would give, is to redefine
your own beauty. It’s not just about how
you look at yourself in the mirror, it’s
about who you are, who you surround
yourself with, following your passions,
and chasing your dreams. That’s what
beauty to me is. It’s about who you are.

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Jess Clemmons

I’m trying to have an impact on the industry on
the perception of body image. I’m not going
to let one opinion define who I am. I know
I’m talented, I know I’m good.

For me there is a lot of years of hard work
and a lot of years of getting happy with
myself. I decided to own everything about
me, and when I got up on stage which was
the final test people started to notice.
The way I measure success is people buying
my music and coming to our shows.

If you really, really work hard at something
you can achieve it.

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Anna Shillinglaw

At Milk we create a positive
environment and we celebrate
curves and body positivity.

I’m proud of my agency. We are
teaching people in the industry that it’s
okay to feature women of all shapes,
sizes and ages, and they look really
amazing and beautiful. I see a huge
shift in the fashion industry at the
moment, it’s really exciting. Now top
photographers are requesting to shoot
models of all different sizes.

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Brielle Anyea

I am a plus size model, it’s basically the same
as straight size modelling, and we all do the
same thing. #IamMe is about accepting
yourself, and deciding, I’m going to be
happy. I had an epiphany one day:
You need to start loving yourself, you need
to start accepting yourself for who you are,
and I feel like I have done that.

It’s okay to embrace who you are, and it’s
okay to not have everything figured out. Take
whatever steps you need to feel comfortable
and happy with yourself. You are capable of
anything, do whatever you want. Happiness
is a choice.

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