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Love is in the air, and what could be more romantic than a fabulous
underwear set from that someone special on Valentine’s Day.
Rubbing, chafing, uncomfortable undies? Not so much.

So we had a chat with the bra whisperer from lingerie experts Curvy Kate
for the definitive guide to make sure your valentines look is more sexy than scratchy.

Bra Whisperer Bra Whisperer

“Hello, I’m Chantelle, at Curvy
Kate we specialise in D-K cup,
fun and flirty lingerie.
Bra fitting is at the forefront of
everything we do and I’ve
recently been dubbed
‘The Bra Whisperer’ due to my
ability to know a woman’s bra
size just from looking!"

To help you make sure you are buying
the right size bra this Valentine ’s Day
here are my top tips.

Your back band should be firm (you should be able to fit
2 fingers snuggly under) and lay horizontal all the way
around your ribcage, if it rides up at all then the back
band is too big.

The straps should sit on your shoulders without digging
in, leaving marks or slipping down. If they are digging in
then you may need to tighten your back to make sure
this is giving your breasts full support to prevent the
straps from holding all the weight.

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The wire should encase all your breast tissue and
sit flat against your ribcage with no spillage or gaping.
If the wires are sitting in the correct place you may
need to adjust your cup size and even your back

Your bra shouldn’t be uncomfortable. A correctly
fitted bra should feel secure and shouldn’t move or
cause rubbing, if your bra is moving and you’re
always re-adjusting then you more than likely need
a new size.

Once you find the correct size, your breasts will
be up-lifted and supported giving them a
rounded and youthful appearance, what more
could you want!

Some of the hottest trends are underwear sets
in rainbow hues, so choose an unusual colour
way such as orange or blue for an unexpected look.