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Jess Clemmons has told us what she is asking for this
Christmas, plus how she celebrates Texan style on the big day.

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I'm such a fan of the new Melissa McCarthy line.
This poncho is perfect to throw over any outfit
and feel cosy and look stylish at the same time.

Baggy pants Baggy pants

Everyone needs a cute little bag to
complement their party outfit. I love this
clutch and the green sequins, giving it
and edgy yet feminine touch.

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This outfit screams"New Year's Eve". I can
definitely see myself bringing in the New Year
in this number! Love the sparkles...

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What better way to warm up a cold
night than with this hot little bra and
knickers set? 
I love the colour and lace
details. Definitely something to make
any girl feel sexy.

These are the perfect 'everyday' Winter Boots.
I love the quilted pattern and the wide calves...
so I know they will be the perfect fit.

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Interview text Interview text

What is your favourite Christmas song?
O Holy Night

What do you wear on Christmas day?
Pyjamas!! And once it's time to get ready...
it all depends on the weather. Christmas in
Houston can be very unpredictable. It
might be summer clothes... it might be
winter clothes!

What is a Texan Christmas tradition?
Everyone decorates their houses
extravagently with Christmas lights.
Families load up in their cars and drive
around for hours looking at the lights in
other neighbourhoods

And...Every girl needs this lipstick in their
make-up bag. Ruby Woo from MAC is one
of those that looks good on everyone. I
can't wait to rock it this holiday season!

How do you celebrate Christmas Texas
Usually it involves lots of food...BBQ, Fried
Turkey, Tamales, Pecan Pie and Cornbread
Dressing (Stuffing!)

When you receive a present you don't like
do you tell the truth or pretend to like it?
ALWAYS pretend to like it.

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