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Trend on Trial Trend on Trial

Double denim is one of summer's hottest and trickiest trends; but how to wear it in real life
without looking like you are hot-stepping it to a hoedown? Our Editor Bella bravely clad herself
from head to toe in the blue stuff, to show you how to make it work for you whatever your shape.

Trend on trial:

Double Denim

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Being a size 16-18 and somewhat ‘blessed’ in the boobs department, the thought of wearing
double denim gave me visions of looking like a 1970’s Dolly Parton (a look that could work for
some people, me, not so much). But when our peachy-keen buyers took me through our
summer denim range I thought to myself, ‘yeah, I can do this, even if it does involve me being
laughed at by work-men while I have my picture taken in the street!’ Here’s how I got on.

Shirt and Jeans Patch Boyfriend Jeans Blue Sleeveless Shirt Shirt and Jeans

I loved this look. I felt a little bit 50s, a little bit pin up,
and the patches on the jeans are giving me life!
The shirt and jeans colours clash just enough to avoid
the ‘boiler suit’ look. I tied up the shirt to create an
hourglass shape
but you could tuck it in to get the
same effect. The cute white pumps are super comfy:
and look ma, no laces! As denim-lover Simon Cowell
would say, it’s a yes from me.

Tunic and Jeans Black Skinny Jeans Denim Look Tunic Tunic and Jeans

I am in a lifelong love affair with Evans black skinny
, so instantly felt great in them. I had my
reservations about the tunic but it surprised me.
Perfect if you like things loose around the waist,
paired with the skinnies it looked smart enough
to wear to the office.
A high neck isn’t usually
recommended if you are busty, so I tried on a
long necklace to break up the expanse of material
over my chest- it worked. Another win.

Cami and Skirt Denim Link Denim Skirt Blue Cami Cami and Skirt

Being a full size bigger on top than I am on the bottom,
a stiff denim dress has never been an option for me.
This soft cami and stretch pencil skirt give the same
look of denim-y goodness plus a perfect fit, a
godsend for busty or pear shapes. Tan accessories
and a pretty necklace make this a really wearable
summer outfit.
So that does it.

Double denim? Absolutely!