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Who are you? We want to hear your stories, and celebrate all the traits that make you special for the chance to win
at the #IamMe awards.Who could you nominate that inspires you? What is your talent that you would love to be
recognised for? To give you a little inspiration we are sharing the stories from four of our
original girls to explain what makes these women so exceptional.

Hayley Hayley

Hayley Hasselhof
An actress and model it is easy to see why
we chose Hayley to be #IamStyle. Having
worked in the fashion industry since she was
14, style is running through Hayley’s veins.
However it’s more than superficial, as Hayley
embodies the power you feel when you are
confident in the way you are dressed.

Callie Callie

Callie Thorpe
Blogger and columnist Callie finds her
motivation from inspiring others. Originally
blogging to record her dieting journey, it was
only once she embraced who she is, that her writing
career took off. Now a much loved member of
the plus size blogging community, Callie is at
the forefront of the body positivity movement. 

Brielle Brielle

Brielle Anyea
Beautiful on the inside and out, modelling had
always been a dream of Brielle’s, but because
she is curvy she was told she would never make
it.  By facing her fears head on, and breaking
her dreams into goals; she won a modelling
contract and is successfully modelling full time.
Brielle is proof you don’t have to conform to be

Jess Enter Now Video Jess

Jess Clemmons
Bold, beautiful and tenacious; Jess has worked
tirelessly on her musical career. A key component
to following any dream is self-belief; something
Jess has worked just as hard on. It was this spark,
coupled with her musical ability that made Jess
the natural choice for #IamTalent