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How To Walk In High Heels

How To Walk In High Heels

Walking in high heels requires practice and expertise. From tottering around your house in your mum’s heels as a little girl, to mastering the art of dancing all night long, becoming attuned to high heels is a bumpy ride.

Together with Charlotte, from we’ve put together some top tips for walking in heels, taking into consideration both comfort and confidence.

The world is your catwalk. It’s time to perfect your strut.

1. Select The Right Shoe For You

Make Sure You Have The Right Sized Shoe

Too small and they’ll squash your toes. Too big and your feet will slip out. If you have a wider foot, opt for wide fit shoes. If you’re between two sizes and your shoe is a little loose, try gel heel grips to keep your feet secure.

The Wider The Heel The Better

Choosing a shoe with a wider heel will allow you to walk with ease. Without practice, in a pair of stilettos you run the risk of wobbling or losing your balance, so go for the safer option of a block heel.

Invest In Insoles And Inserts

Gel pads inserted into your shoes relieve the balls of your feet from the burning sensation that comes from wearing heels for a period of time. They’re simple to use and make a world of difference. Shop gel pads here >

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How to
How to

2. Get Ready To Walk

Take Smaller Steps

Wearing high heels shortens your stride, so you have to take smaller steps. This will give you more control and stability as you walk.

"Short steps look more lady like than meter long strides and they stop you going head over heels." 

Practice Your Walk Around The House

If you have an occasion coming up when you’ll want to wear heels, increase your confidence by walking around at home in your heels – especially if they’re a new pair.

Exercise Your Feet

Completing a couple of simple foot exercises before you leave for a night out in heels can help to minimise burning. Stretch and flex your toes, then rotate your ankles around for a couple of minutes, simple yet effective.

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3. It's Time To Strut

Perfect Your Posture

Maintaining a good posture is vital when wearing high heels; it will make you look and feel more confident and prevent future aches and pains. Keep your shoulders back and downwards, push your hips forwards slightly and keep your chin up. Your body should be relaxed with your arms loose by your side to help you balance.

"Shoulders back, lifting up. I remember those words of wisdom every time I slide my feet into a pair of heels."

Dance All Night

Our top tip - carry a tennis ball in your bag, if your feet start to ache massage your foot with the tennis ball to relieve pain. Now you can carry on dancing in your heels all night long.

Walk Like A Supermodel

You’ve seen it on the catwalks and now it’s your turn. Just follow these tips to master walking in high heels and showcase and enviable strut!

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How to

"Swing your hips, place one foot in front of the other, slightly crossing over each foot as you move forwards and let your arms gently swing for much needed balance."

Now you know how to walk in high heels, visit our Shoe Guide to find your favourite styles and get ready to step into summer confidently and comfortably.