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Callie Callie

How To Make Your
Own Ripped Jeans
Callie Thorpe

What you need:

  • Jeans
  • Stanley Knife (or scissors)
  • Chalk
  • Cheese Grater

Blogger and Marie Claire columnist Callie Thorpe is
rarely seen without a pair of her trusty black skinnies
from Evans, and for that rocky festival look she likes to
add rips to the knees. Here are her 3 steps to the DIY
ripped denim of your dreams!

Step one:
Pop on your chosen jeans and choose where you want
to your rips to be, Callie likes to put them across both
knees but you can be as creative as you like! Mark them
with the chalk where you want the rips to sit.

Step two:
Take your jeans off (very important!) and lay them on a
flat surface. Very slowly score across the line you made
using a Stanley knife or a pair of scissors, taking care
not to go through to the second layer of denim.

Step three:
Try the jeans on and see if you need to make the rip any
wider, once you are happy take them off again and using
the small side of a cheese grater rough up the edges of
the cut to create that on-trend frayed look.

Et Voilà! Perfect rock chick ready jeans in a jiffy!

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