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The more the merrier is our philosophy when it
comes to baubles. A DIY bauble wreath makes a
colourful festive statement, but won't wipe out
your present budget. Follow this easy how to guide
and add some Christmas cheer to your home.

• Polystyrene ring

• Hot glue sticks

• Baubles (various sizes)

• Ribbon

• Hot glue gun

• Nails for hanging

Step One Step One

Working in quarters, cover
the polystyrene wreath with
baubles using a glue gun.
Be careful – the glue gets hot!

If you plan to hang
the wreath against
a wall or door, leave
the back uncovered
so it can lie flat.

Step two Shop Christmas Gifts More DIY Step two

Fill in the gaps with medium
and smaller baubles so no
polystyrene is visible.

Tie a ribbon around the wreath

Hang up and display!
(with some serious DIY
crafting pride).