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Louise Louise

How To Create The 
Perfect Festival Make
Up Look
Louise O'Reilly

What you need:

  • Eye Shadow, Dazzle Dust by
    Barry M in 27 Gold Iridescent
  • Glitter, Glitter Rush by Barry M
    in Dessert Bronze and Snow Globe
  • Gold Eyeliner, Bold Waterproof
    Eyeliner by Barry M
Lousie 2 Lousie 2

You can get away with being way more adventurous with
your make up at a festival than you can at home; glitter,
face paints, the only thing you need is a bit of imagination!

Step one:
Dip a finger or small fluffy brush in the dazzle dust and
using circular movements buff along your cheek bone,
around the side of your eye and up over your eyebrow for a
lovely glow-y base.

Step two:
Using the gold eyeliner, draw dots about half an inch apart
under your eye, around and above your eyebrow. The dots
can be as big or as small as you like, if you are feeling
more creative you could draw little stars, flowers or
patterns for even more of a statement.

Step three:
Shake a little bit of glitter into the lid of the pot, then gently
pat over the top of your patterns being careful to avoid
getting any in your eyes. You can add a tiny bit of eyelash
glue to the centre of your pattern for a more intense look.
Now you are ready to go out and shine like the star that
you are!

We teamed up with model, blogger and make up expert
Louise O’Reilly to create a pretty, sparkly festival make up
look to suit everyone and make you feel like a princess for
the day. Bring on the glitter…

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