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Our girl Gaëlle from the Curvy and Curly Closet tells us the
best places to visit to get in the festive mood and what she
wants pour Noël.

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I appreciate a soft cardigan when the temperatures
get cooler. I love the colour blocking it's the perfect
way to add some playfulness to your outfit.

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The best place I have found for bracelets that fit
my wrists well is Evans! I already have a large
collection from Evans as they really are designed
to fit a wider wrist properly, plus it will go really
well with the silver shoes!

As I will be spending Christmas Eve in Senegal,
West Africa this year, I can wear a sleeveless
and not be afraid of the winter and snow!

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How can you not fall in love with these silver
I have to admit I already have a pair in
black but since I don't wear heels this silver pair
are fab for wearing with a dressy outfit.

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I could have a blog just for pyjamas I have so
many! This robe wouId be a perfect addition to
my collection and who can resist those kittens'
whiskers? A hot chocolate,
a Christmas story
and my PJ's, the perfect plan for Christmas Eve.

Interview Interview

And... I love scented candles, with all the excitement of the festivities, I sometimes need
a bit of peace so I take a bath, light candles and relax.

How do you spend Christmas in France?
As my family live in Africa, I usually
celebrate Christmas with my friends.
France is even more beautiful at this time
of year with lights twinkling everywhere.
The Christmas markets are the perfect
place to soak in all the festive spirit of
the city.

Do you buy all your presents in advance
or do you wait and rush around on
Christmas Eve?
Call me last minute girl. For the presents,
for the dinner, for everything, except fun!

What was your favourite Christmas
present as a child?

As a teenager, I received all the CDs I had
dreamed of for weeks but weren't available
for sale in Senegal yet, with 3T Brotherhood
at the top of the list. Actually I still listen to
them! (Don't judge me!)

What is your favourite thing about

The whole world is smiling, I enjoy every
moment and love seeing people feel like
excited children opening their gifts.

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