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We’ve all experienced pain from ill-fitting shoes at some point but at Evans, we understand the importance of
comfortable shoes. Gone are the days of carrying emergency plasters in our handbag or squeezing our feet
into shoes that are too narrow. We’ve put together a stylish collection of wide fit shoes, and created our
Shoe Size Guide so you can find the perfect shoe for you. 

Start by printing our measuring guide, this shows you how to measure your shoe width and shoe length.

Follow these simple steps to find your shoe size:

  1. From the measurement you recorded earlier,
    use the foot length guide to find your shoe
    size. This is the most important measurement
  2. From the width measurement you recorded
    earlier, use the joint circumference guide to
    find your closest width fitting.
  3. Please remember the width fitting
    measurements are to be used as a guide.

When using our fitting guide...

  1. Your foot size will change throughout your lifetime,
    it's good to measure regularly.
  2. As your feet will swell throughout the day, it is
    better to measure your feet in the afternoon.
  3. You may get a more accurate measurement if
    you ask a friend to help mark your size
  4. If you have any problems, visit us in store where
    one of our team will be happy to measure your
    feet and advise on our latest styles.
  1. Try on both shoes and walk a few steps to see if
    they pinch and rub.
  2. Make sure you can wiggle your toes a little inside
    your shoes.
  3. There should be no heel slip at the back of the heel
    when you walk.
  4. There should be enough width in the shoes to
    accomodate your whole foot, make sure there are
    no pressure points on the joints or side of your feet.
    If you see this, you may want to try our extra wide
    fit shoes.

Once you receive your new shoes...