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Louise Louise

Festival Hair
Georgie Horne

Limited shower access, tent-head, and the chance that
it could rain the whole weekend means festival hair
can be tricky. We asked model, blogger and owner
of excellent hair, Georgina Horne, from Fuller 
Figure Fuller Bust, for her day-by-day festival hair
guide. Find out how to keep your ‘do’ looking glam
from Friday-to-Sunday.

Day one:
Wash and style your hair just before you leave, so you
can enjoy a day of it being clean and bouncy before the
festival grub sets in. Georgie loves to rock a victory roll,
or a middle parting, perfect for that hippy look that
works so well with this summer’s boho trend.

Day two:
When you are sleeping in a tent, static can cause havoc!
Avoid it by braiding your hair before you go to sleep.
A light mist of hairspray will kill any frizzies and protect
you from the ‘head rubbed with a giant balloon’ look.
Perfect for all hair types, this will give you a nice bit of
volume and wave when you take it out for the next day.

Day three:
Depending on what sort of hair you have, things usually
start to go downhill at this stage. Greasy roots and flat
locks, or frizzy and puffy.  Spritz dry shampoo into your 
roots, pile your hair into a messy bun and tie a scarf or
flower crown around your head to keep everything in
place and looking fab for your last day of dancing.

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