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#Fashion That Fits #Fashion That Fits

Because we all have different bodies, shapes and sizes. Because we are all unique.
Because there is no one size fits all. Our clothes are designed to fit & flatter
and fill you with unbeatable confidence. We are #FashionThatFits.

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Fashion That Fits Fashion That Fits

“My favourite pair of jeans
are actually the ultra
stretch skinny jeans from
Evans. They fit like a glove,
haven't gone baggy and
feel like denim! It's so rare
to get great jeans so these
are my best friend.”

Every Body Is Unique Shop #FasionThatFits Every Body Is Unique

“The embroidered options
this year are incredible.
So intricate and on the
great fitting jeans that
we know and love from
Evans –they have got
this down to an art!”

“Evans nails what denim
is about this season,
in cuts that flatter and
designs that I predict will
become wardrobe heroes.”

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Victoria Pile



We’ve collaborated with British director Victoria Pile, best known
for Smack the Pony and Green Wing, on our latest campaign

Shot in Victoria’s signature comedic style the campaign features
a tongue in cheek narrative starring women like you and me
struggling to find their perfect fit. A topic she herself can relate
to; “We all know how annoying it is when a size 16 isn’t a size 16
(or whatever your alleged size is) … architects don’t use different
versions of centimetres depending on which building they’re
designing. So why, when it comes to trying on clothes, are
we condemned to the contortion cubicle? Jumping,
squeezing, flapping, twisting, flailing, thrusting –
a full body workout - all because on any given day
a 16 might mean anything from 12 to 20.”

We couldn’t agree with her more which is why we’re
proud to offer fashion that fits.

Expert in Styling Your Shape Shop #FasionThatFits Discover Your Shape Expert in Styling Your Shape

1. Research & Trends

From catwalks, museums, street-style and vintage shops,
to visiting exotic destination across the globe. Our designers
and buyers are constantly looking for inspiration & trends.

2. Design & Prints

Our design team carefully consider not only the fabrics but
also the scale and placement of prints on every garment,
taking into account our four body shapes busty, pear, apple
and hourglass.

3. Cut & Fit

Our technical team review every product on both size 16
and 24 fit models. They assess the fit, drape and visual
appearance, ensuring each item is stylish, comfortable
and fits perfectly.

4. Fashion That Fits

By reviewing previous season’s styles and customer
feedback, we’ve developed consistent sizing rules across
all Evans product, ensuring our customers can confidently
shop their size across all categories.

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See the latest styles and
shop #FashionThatFits now.

Finding the right pair can be hard,
our style guide is here to help!

Trust our experts to
style your shape.

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