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Your body shape is unique to you, there is no right or wrong
just as there are no rules when it comes to your style.

What we do know is styling is about dressing in a way which
feels comfortable to you and accentuates every part of your
body you are confident about. By simply understanding your
shape you can transform your style, it is as simple as that. 

Our idea of perfect is less about perfection and more
about understanding you and your individual shape.

Whats My Shape
  • Lets Start Lets Start

    Looking at your shoulders and hips which of these best describes your shape?

  • Result Apple Shop AppleResult Apple

    You have a defined waist with a fuller bust and bottom.

    Lower cut tops will expose your neck to
    balance out your hip.

    Adding a bold statement necklace to
    your top to create focus above your

    Vertical prints are perfect for creating a
    visual line through the centre of the body,
    elongating your shape.

    Layering with cardigans or open shirts to
    create the same visual effect

    Opt for slim fit jeans and trousers to
    show off your legs. Super skinny
    jeans or jeggings are your perfect

    If you prefer dresses, opt for dresses
    or tunics that are fitted under the
    bust to skim over the hips.

  • Result Busty Shop BustyResult Busty

    You have a volumptuous bust with narrow hips and bottom.

    A lower neckline flatters a larger
    bust, drawing the eye down.
    Scoop neck and V neck tops
    are ideal.

    Vertical detailing is perfect for
    drawing the eye away from
    your bust.

    A tailored jacket or waist belt
    completes your outfit and
    defines your waist. 

    Coloured or patterned bottom helps to balance your shape and draw attention downwards.

    If you're not confident about colour, wide leg trousers have the same effect.

    Opt for dresses that are fitted to
    your narrow waist such as skater
    dresses and A-line dresses.

    Flared skirts to balance out
    your shape and create
    an hourglass silhouette.

  • Result Hourglass Shop HourglassResult Hourglass

    You have a defined waist with a fuller bust and bottom.

    Close fitting tops show off your
    waist and define your figure.

    V neck tops to draw the eye
    towards your waist.

    Slim leg trousers to lengthen
    and show off your legs.

    Opt for dresses that are
    fitted to your narrow waist.
    Wrap dresses are the perfect
    style for your shape.

    Pairing your dress with a
    tailored jacket that nips in at
    the waist.

  • Result Pear Shop pearResult Pear

    You have shapely hips and a roundal bottom with
    narrow shoulders and a smaller bust.

    Low cut tops will expose your neck
    and balance out your hips.

    A wide neckline creates an illusion of
    wider shoulders to balance your

    Brightly coloured, patterned tops will
    draw attention away from your hips.

    Embellished tops or statement
    necklaces you keep the focus on your
    top half.

    Opt for dresses that are fitted to
    your narrow waist. A flared skirt
    skims over your hips.

    If you prefer trousers, try our
    specialist range of jeans and
    trousers perfectly fitted for a
    pear shape.

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