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The Denim Exchange
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1. What is the Denim Exchange?

We’ve teamed up with Rainbow Trust
Children’s Charity to create the Denim
Exchange! During the exchange you can
swap an unwanted or unloved pair of ladies
jeans for £10 off your new season wardrobe.
Each pair of jeans will be donated to
Rainbow Trust who will use them to raise
money to help families with a seriously ill
child. If you exchange your jeans in any of our
EIRE stores they'll be donated to local charities.

2. What can I exchange?

You can exchange any unwanted or unloved
ladies jeans. These don’t need to be Evans
jeans, you are able to exchange jeans from
any brand.
You can exchange as many pairs of jeans as
you want but you will only receive one
voucher for £10 off at Evans during the

3. Where can I exchange?

You can exchange in all Evans stores,
including BHS stores. To find your
nearest store click here. Unfortunately, we
aren’t currently able to offer this service for
online orders or deliveries.

4. When can I exchange?

The Denim Exchange launches on Monday 3rd August
and will end on 29th August 2015.
Your £10 off voucher will be valid from 3rd August 2015
until 28th September 2015, inclusive.

5. What happens to my jeans?

All jeans exchanged at Evans are given to Rainbow Trust, who then:

  • Resell your jeans
    Rainbow Trust will sell your jeans in one of their four
    retail outlets or, if they’re a very special item, they’ll be
    auctioned on eBay.
  • Recycle your jeans
    Even if they don’t make the grade, your unloved jeans
    are never sent to landfill. Instead, Rainbow Trust will sell
    them in bulk to processing companies where they could
    be recycled into mattress filling, carpet underlay or even
    turned in to new fibres for use in new garments.
    Every penny raised from your unwanted or unloved
    jeans helps support families with a seriously ill child.

6. Who are Rainbow Trust?

Rainbow Trust is a national charity that offers emotional
and practical support for families who have a child with
a life threatening or terminal illness. They support over
25% of the 6,000 families in England with a seriously ill
child, wherever the family needs them, be that in
hospital, at home, while travelling or in the community.

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