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Evans and London College of Fashion
Meet the designers image Meet the designers image

Introducing the talented textile students from LCF behind
the #IamUnique collaboration. You could be wearing their creations soon!

Aashiya Master image
Seyhan Kaya image
Dina Fusi image
Cassia Adams
Cassia Adams Image
Shonaegh Lindsay Cochlan
Shonaegh Lindsay Cochlan Image
Jiwon Woo
Jiwon Woo Image
Yu-Ting Wang
Yu-Ting Wang Image
Da Hye Yi
Da Hye Yi image
Mia Anderson
Mia Anderson Image
Katie Westwood
Katie Westwood Image
Sophie Louise Martin
Sophie Louise Martin image
Megan Rose Boyden
Megan Rose Boyden image
Yu Hu
Yu Hu
Wenxuan Zhou
Wenxuan Zhou image
Ella Frances Butterfield
Ella Frances Butterfield Image
Marianna Koulianou
Marianna Koulianou image
Valia Kapeletazi
Valia Kapeletazi image
Danbee Choi
Amber Young
Amber Young image
Melissa Goy
Melissa Goy image
Amelia May
Amelia May image