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It’s officially present wrapping season, but that doesn’t
mean spending a fortune on wrapping paper and taking a
master class in origami; these wrapping ideas really can be
recreated by anyone! Be inspired by nature, your favourite
books and the contents of your kitchen cupboard.
It’s amazing what you can do without breaking the bank.

For all those who proclaim they are
"rubbish at wrapping”, not for long! 

Decorative Foliage Shop Gifts Decorative Foliage

Turn your commute or dog walk into a crafting
extravaganza. Collect greenery, pine cones and
 then simply slip a few sprigs of the festive
foliage under the gift ribbon. Short on time?
Snip a few sprigs off your Christmas tree.

If you want to wrap in advance, use Evergreen,
Eucalyptus and Fir as these will stay fresh and
 green the longest. Craft paper has never
looked so stylish.

Wrapping Paper Shop Gifts Wrapping Paper

A beautifully wrapped gift doesn't need
expensive paper, turn yesterday's news into
 graphic wrapping paper. Try newsprint, books,
maps or sheet music for cheap, creative,
simple and stylish backdrops to any gorgeous
gift.  Use newspaper to wrap with it, create
reindeer silhouettes, or use pages from your
favourite book. 

For larger gifts, use a map, it’s the perfect
wrap for jet-setters.

Gift Tag Shop Gifts Gift Tag

Give presents a personal touch with delightful,
edible gift tags; literally the sweetest way to
wrap a gift. Plus, these require less clean up
post unwrapping as there will be nothing but a
few crumbs left.  Form the tags with a tag
shaped cutter and then punch a hole with a
drinking straw.

Wrap in clear plastic bags in case of any
greedy pets (or hungry Christmas revellers)