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Bored of last year's Christmas jumper
and in desperate need of an excuse to
buy a new one? Follow this easy DIY
tutorial and learn how to make a cosy
cushion out of an old Christmas jumper.  

Step 1 Step 1

Place your pillow form onto your jumper and measure
round the pillow, leaving an extra inch on all sides for
sewing space, and 2 inches on one side for where you
tuck the pillow into it. If your jumper has a motif on the
front make sure that’s in the middle of the pillow.

Step 2 Step 2

Get cutting! Snip off those sleeves and
excess jumper (carefully! No one wants
a wonky pillow).

Step 3 Step 3

Turn the jumper material inside out and pin 3
side together, leaving a side free so you
can pop the pillow insert into it later.

Step 4 Step 4

Sew 3 sides together, remove all pins as you
go and turn the right way round and pop
your pillow inside.

Step 5 Step 5

Pop the pillow form in and snuggle
up with your cosy new cushion. Easy!