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Clements Ribeiro For Evans Clements Ribeiro For Evans

We met up with Clements Ribeiro to find out more about the Swan Collection:

With the launch of the collection, what should Evans' ladies be getting excited about? They should be expecting great dresses in fabulous prints. Feminine and confident, our pieces for Evans should really pep-up any wardrobe. They will also be great investment pieces as lots of the dresses will make perfect party pieces.

Can you describe the collection in three words? Fun, colourful and modern.

What type of garments can we expect? And what about colours and fabric? We thought a lot about the four body shapes and comfort but with the purpose of infusing the pieces with glamour, fun and a touch of luxury. We chose a variety of great fabrics to bring out the best of our 40s and pop-inspired prints.

What and who has inspired the range? Adele has been our muse. We have been dressing her regularly since creating dresses for her Vogue cover. Adele is a die-hard fan of black as far as public appearances go but she loves print and colour when off duty. Vintage clothing was also an important source of inspiration. Many stylish women look to vintage clothing for special pieces.

What have you enjoyed most about designing this collection with Evans? The fantastic opportunity to develop this range. We’ve also learnt a lot, which has been very exciting. The Evans team is very committed and encouraging – they were an inspiration too.

Why was it important to you to collaborate with Evans on a collection? We feel high fashion has neglected the plus-size market for a very long time. The high street has filled that gap. The Swan range goes a long way towards providing choices that are original, imbued with high fashion content and a high standard of quality.

Print plays an important role in your designs, what advice would you give to women who might be scared of bold colour and print? Don’t be! Particularly nowadays, women have learned to wear prints unselfconsciously, in the same way they might wear a solid colour. Just look at the success of printed trousers – they are the new jeans really. The right print can be very becoming, it lifts spirits and conveys lots of positive vibes.
What would you hope that your collection brings to Evans? We hope the collection will provide new ways to dress fashionably and confidently.

Where can we wear this collection? Despite being compact, the range has pieces for all occasions.

Where would you like to see the plus-size fashion market in two years time? We’d love to see the market on a much higher fashion plane – we want plus-sized clothes on the high fashion radar.

Can you give us any styling suggestions to finish the Clements Ribeiro for Evans look? Great colourful scarves and shoes finished with fabulous glossy gloves.

Is the collection suitable for women of all ages? Most definitely! Style is ageless.