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Callie Corpe from The Corners Of The Curve talks to us about
the best present she ever received and what she hopes to get
for Christmas this year.

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I love Christmas jumpers - Every year I take
part in the Christmas jumper day and this
one is just sooo cute!

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Leopard booties are so cute and they
surprisingly go with so much!

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This is a gorgeous statement
that can jazz up any LBD.

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These are must-haves for the party season!
Nothing worse than aching feet after a night of

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There is nothing better than getting into
fresh pyjamas, and these are so adorable.

Interview Interview

And...These rose gold headphones are to
die for and would be my ultimate gift this
year, I love everything rose gold especially
as it's the style of my engagement ring!

Who cooks Christmas dinner?
I always cook christmas dinner but for the
last few years we have either been away
abroad or volunteering on Christmas day!

What do you wear on Christmas day?
When volunteering at our local rotary club
we are serving dinner so we tend to be in
jeans,a tee, and trainers for comfort!
If at home it's PJs all day!

Where do you go in London to get
in the Christmas spirit?

Winter Wonderland is so lovely around
Christmas or Somerset house for ice
skating, oh and Covent Garden is just
gorgeous with the big christmas tree and
it feels so festive!

What's your favourite Christmas movie?
I love the original Santa Clause film and all
of the Home Alone movies!

What was your favourite Christmas
present you received as a child?
When I was little I really wanted a bright
red bike and when I woke up I didn't have
it, only to find it later hidden in the hall! I
was so excited and I really loved that bike!

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