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Style Adviser


Our Style Adviser is an online service that acts as your virtual stylist, helping you define and develop your personal style to fit and flatter your shape.

By signing up in a few simple steps, you access a bespoke edit of clothes that suit your personal fashion sense and body shape. Here, our #STYLEHASNOSIZE editor explains why she feels as if she’s found her new fashion best friend.

Style Adviser


It takes the stress out of getting dressed:

Saving time shopping online is one of the best things about my Style Adviser. It’s as if I have a virtual wardrobe where I can find clothes I love but crucially also suit me.

"I get my outfits organised by 'occasion' and 'evening' themes so it was effortless"

And it gets better each time:

The more my Style Adviser gets to know my personal taste the more spot-on the choices are. When you sign up, you’re asked to choose items you like or dislike - a kind of personal fashion quiz - and this becomes more comprehensive with each visit.

"Your selections are used to create your very own Fashion Fingerprint®. For me, it's streamlined my shopping"

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You have access to glossy Magazine experts:

Our Style Adviser uses a team of professionals, with style credentials at newspapers and glossy magazines, to pick your perfect pieces. Natalie Theo, a former Fashion Editor at The Daily Mail says:

"Fashion is a balancing act, it’s knowing how to dress to suit your shape, using clothes and accessories to highlight and accentuate your assets whilst drawing attention away from any problem areas.

For example, you may feel you have broad shoulders. A little trick like wearing a lower neckline such as a scoop neck or v-neck - adds softness to this area and creates the illusion of balanced upper proportions.

Or if you're conscious about your tummy, wearing an empire-fit dress means not only will the soft volume skim over and disguise the area, but you'll have the flattering definition under the bust giving a lovely sense of shape."

You've got mail:

Each week you receive personalised emails, featuring new arrivals and trends tailored just for you.

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