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Not a fan of full on fancy dress? Does the thought of walking around in a witch wig bring you

out in a cold sweat? Then get into the Halloween spirit without the need for a DIY broomstick.

Check out these Halloween nail art designs for some serious hands on Halloween inspo,

team it with some classic black lace and you are good to go…




  • Black With A Twist Black With A Twist


    The classic, glossy back nail just got a
    Halloween twist. Underneath each tip is
    lined with blood red polish. Tip: If you get a
    little extra red on your fingers when
    painting the underneath use a cotton bud
    dipped in polish to clean it up

  • Terrifying Talons Terrifying Talons


    If you lust after talons for the day but 
    aren’t willing to file your nails to
    seriously sharp points, try painting a
    nude or red (if you want it to look really
    gory) base and a black triangle over
    the top for perfect Halloween points.

  • Eye Spy Eye Spy


    You can go a long way with white, blue,
    red and black polish. Try this design
    and in 10 minutes you could literally
    have the goriest Halloween inspired
    nails staring back at you.

  • Occult Nails Occult Nails


    We couldn’t resist sharing this 
    be-witching look. Channel the
    occult with matte black nails
    and white symbols.

  • Wicked Stepmother Wicked Stepmother


    Ombre takes a turn for the dark side 
    with these snow white inspired nails.
    Use a blood red and stipple on black
    with a sponge for a surprisingly easy
    to follow ombre nail.

  • Bite Me Bite Me


    Warning: you will need a steady hand,
    or a willing friend to help you with
    these fang hands. However, the
    effects will be worth it even if it's
    just to scare passers-by away from
    your Halloween treats.

  • Zombie Zombie


    New to nail art? Then this easy to
    DIY look is for you. Upgrade your
    French tips with zombie-esque
    stitching for simple yet striking
    Halloween nails. 

  • Evil Eyes Evil Eyes


    Want to get into the Halloween spirt
    but have to go to work first? These
    fashion forward half-moons have been
    given a subtle spooky update that your
    boss (hopefully) won’t notice.

  • Day Of The Dead Day Of The Dead


    Guts and gore not really for you? Add
    a splash of colour to your costume with
    Mexican inspired day of the dead nails
    Top Tip paint the falsies first and then
    stick them on (unless you have a
    REALLY steady hand).

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