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What’s not to love about Easter? We think it’s brilliant.

From chocolate to days off, it has all the joys of Christmas without any of the pressure.
Here are our top 10 reasons we are ‘hopping’ for joy that Easter is here! (Sorry) 

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What was that? 4 days off you say? Don’t mind if we do! It’s the first bank holiday of the year so it feels like the most welcome. The evening before Good Friday will be a merry one indeed!

Having an Easter Sunday meal with all of your family, or making a pact with your BFF to only wear PJs and watch trashy films from Friday to Monday; whatever you do, spending time with your nearest and dearest at Easter makes it extra special.

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And lunch, and maybe dinner. Easter is one of the few times of year when starting the day eating a chocolate bunny is totally acceptable. Getting your five a day takes on a totally new meaning.

Even if it’s bitterly cold Easter always feels like the start of spring. Daffodils, crocuses and blossom are all showing their pretty faces, making everything that little bit more colourful and bright.

Easter egg hunts are basically ‘The Hunger Games’ for the under 10’s - beware the foolish person who stands between a determined four-year-old and a garden full of Easter eggs!

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If you are going to give your children a large amount of chocolate, you should make them work for it (see Easter egg hunt), and probably wear a big stupid had made of crepe paper and pom poms. Only seems fair.

If you have given anything up for Lent, be it sweets, booze, or swearing, now is the time to spectacularly fall off the wagon. So Easter Sunday can be spent in a sugar coma, half-cut and calling the cat a trollop.

Row 4 Row 4

Fluffy lambs, chicks and bunnies... Easter is the time when all the small cute and cuddly things are bedecked in bows and frolicking free. We want to hug them ALL.

Suddenly it’s not time for dark winter clothes anymore and Easter outfits are totally a thing. As pastels are a massive trend right now there's no better excuse to hit the shops and treat yourself to some candy-coloured clothing.

The kindest of all the mythical creatures, you don’t have to lose a tooth or be good all year for this fluffy little bundle of love to leave you some chocolate goodness. We dig his non-discriminatory spreading of joy.